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Duncan Regehr

Duncan Peter Regehr was born on October 5, 1952, in Lethbridge, Canada. He is the son of a Russian immigrant who was an artist and a dairy inspector. Duncan distinguished himself as an Olympic boxing contender, a champion figure skater, and a classically trained Shakespearean actor. In 1981, Regehr moved to Hollywood where he had a variety of starring roles in television and films. At 6'4" he was often cast as larger-than-life heroes. Ironically he was chosen to play Errol Flynn(the man that 20th Century-Fox had originally wanted to play Zorro in the definitive 1940 version of "The Mark Of Zorro") in the CBS mini-series "My Wicked, Wicked Ways". Regehr also starred in the CBS series "Wizards And Warriors" and in the role of Pat Garrett opposite Val Kilmer's "Billy The Kid" in the acclaimed Turner Television film. His credits also include starring roles in such mini-series as "The Blue And The Gray", "The Last Days Of Pompeii", "Goliath Awaits", and "V". His feature film credits include the portrayal of Dracula in "Monster Squad", and the title role in Disney's "Earthstar Voyager". Duncan Regehr brought his distinctive style and personality to the role of Zorro. Regehr was very familiar with fencing, but nevertheless had to undergo hours of rigorous training in order to execute the intricate swashbuckling moves for the cameras. Regehr once said, "Zorro is so much fun to play. It's truly a childhood fantasy come true". Regehr is also a recognized, exhibited, and published painter and poet. Click here to see one of his paintings.

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