Zorro's Many Imitators

Much as McCulley drew inspiration from other stories, he in turn inspired others with his stories. Zorro was the original inspiration for Bob Cane’s Batman. Cane took one dark creature of the night, the fox, and replaced it with another, the bat. Batman’s alter ego , Bruce Wayne, was also the son of a rich family. Both Batman and Zorro would enter their secret cave at night. While Zorro rode a jet-black stallion named Tornado, Batman used a more modern mode of transportation, a jet-black automobile called The Batmobile. Both Bruce Wayne and Don Diego had manservant accomplices, Diego’s was Bernardo, and Wayne’s was Alfred. Batman protected Gotham City from evil, while Zorro did the same for the Pueblo de Los Angeles. But Batman wasn’t the only character influenced by McCulley’s Zorro. Superman was another. Superman also had an alter ego, Clark Kent. By day Kent worked as a violence-shunning news reporter. But when needed, he became Superman, defender of the city of Metropolis. The Lone Ranger was yet another character influenced by Zorro. The Lone Ranger’s alter ego was a Texas Ranger who was shot and left for dead. He was brought back to health by an Indian named Tonto, who later became his sidekick as they defended the settlers of the Old West against evil doers.

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